What Goes Up
Seems I will be busy now. Soon as I get answer from brother then I will see this crush of his. No connection whatsover but going to practice with bigger weapon now. Make sure it is. Sharp.

Seems I will be busy now. Soon as I get answer from brother then I will see this crush of his. No connection whatsover but going to practice with bigger weapon now. Make sure it is. Sharp.

I am Emmet and I have something to tell you! Brother. I am Emmet and I think I have a crush on someone.




I am sorry, but what…? Did you say…you had…a…crush…




As of Lately…

I have been feeling as though I am being followed. Normally this feeling I either associate with Emmet or his many, many, many Joltik, but this sensation…it follows me everywhere. Even when I am with brother I still get this feeling of being watched. Even as I write this do I feel like someone is nearby and staring at me. I try to pass off as maybe a trainer is stalking myself—that has happened before. But by now I would have seen them, yes?

Brother has been acting strange lately, too. Nervous whenever I talk to him and he has even stopped being as affectionate with kisses. He seems guilty about something. He hasn’t told me what, though. I assume he tried to kiss a dangerous Pokemon and got hurt, but I haven’t seen any injuries on him yet.

He even got out of bed on his own. Normally I have to do something like this—

But not today. I…am worried. About everything. 

You would send me a uniform of my own? THANK YOU, INGO-SAMA! Please do! I'll pay for it!

No need to pay me for it. I am happy to do it. Think of it as gift. From me to you.

I have to bribe you for your birth date? Isn't the prospect of a present on the day of enough? What about proof that Emmet was posting photographs of himself nude on his blog? Or a piece of my Kit Kat bar?

W-wait, a present…? I would get a present? …It wouldn’t be anything weird, yes?

You'll need to see my ID? Sure! *presents Trainer card*


I suppose…is real. You may hug him. But hands above waist! And no nuzzling! Even if Emmet does it. TAT

It has, but I know how busy you can get so I don't mind! Crazy things..? And a train painted like a Joltik? Ah! That's very strange, but maybe you do! I wonder how someone could paint a train like that.. How peculiar.

I ask myself that every time I wake up. TAT

I Must Sleep

But it is good to be back home. Even though Emmet gives me little space although I will admit I am glad for his silly antic like this. There is nothing better than returning home to someone like my brother. I will spend days spoiling him because of my absence, this I swear. Yet I still must sleep right now. TAT Long day tomorrow. So good night everyone.

And Emmet? I love you very much. You are the best brother anyone could ever ask for. I promise.



It shows that you take really good care of her. He seems to be incredibly happy under your care. Oh, and thank you! It always puts me in a fantastic mood when I hear my Pokemon complimented!

[He turned red at hearing her praise, glad that an Elite Four member would think that of him.] Such words are of equal value to me as well. Not often does an Elite Four member say such things to me. You are a very gracious lady yourself.

Well it’s not often do I get to say such things to a trainer.  Rarely do I see a Chandelure as well looked after as yours!  You have had him for a while, haven’t you?

Oh yes. Since he was an egg, actually. Him and I have been through much together, almost as much as Emmet has been with me. Has your own been with you just as long, Miss Shauntal? 



If you say so. Last we had talked he seemed…pleasant enough but I thought was just an act. I will have to see if he has really changed, but so long as he is good to you I do not mind. How are your Joltik, brother? Has each one been good as well? Did you get any new hatchlings?

He has! He has! Nice man!  My Joltik have been great! Great, great, great!  I have got lots of new baby Joltik!  They were so cute!  Even gave one to Apples!  It liked him a lot.  Been considering giving one to Miss Elesa.  Verrrry hard to give them up though. But know she would be amazing trainer!

Ah yes. Miss Elesa is back, isn’t she? Will have to say hello to her when I see her myself. And you should give her a gift. Almost Christmas time and we do owe her for letting us train beneath her city. Only right thing to do, yes?